Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Season Begins

The official start of our spring season begins March 3rd at 4:00 at the Moab Recreation and Aquatics Center.  We encourage all to come out and run!  The spring season will run from March 3rd until April 5th.  The cost for the season will be $25 which includes a cool custom water bottle, coaching, core training and registration fees to three amazing races.  Hope to see you Monday the 3rd.  Please contact Trish at for more information.

Cabin Fever Reliever Results

Unfortunately, we are unable to find a link for the Cabin Fever Reliever official results; however, our coach retreived the following numbers:

Evan Ellison 6th place overall/1st place in age group with a time of 22:56
Herbert Stash 7th place overall/1st place in age group with a time of 23:00
Annie Heywood 14th place overall/1st in age group with a time of 26:19 
Tyrese Stash 25th place overall/3rd place in age group with a time of 29:25

Another amazing showing by the Grand County Running Club! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Registration for the Cabin Fever Reliever

Our next club race will be the Cabin Fever Reliever which will take place Saturday, February 22nd in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The Cabin Fever Reliever is a 5k race that stars at the Mesa County Fairgrounds at 10am.  We will meet at Swanny Park at 7:15am and will carpool to the event, leaving the park at 7:30 sharp! 

Please contact coach Trish at for a registration form or additional information.

Spring Season to Begin

Our Spring season, which will encompass March, April and May will begin on February 24th, 2014.  We will meet at the Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center for both youth and parents.  Youth of all abilities from 6th to the 12th grade are welcome.  There is a $25 fee for club membership.  Club membership includes coaching, core training, a t-shirt and entry fees to regional races. 

Call Randy Martin at 435-259-4097 for additional information. 

Sweet Heart Run

The GCRC had an amazing showing at the Sweet Heart Run that took place in Fruita, Colorado on February 8th, 2014.  All runners (kids, parents and coaches) enjoyed great weather and great times!

Official times can be found at the following site:

GCRC Participant Results:

Ryan Lewis  21:44 (pace 7:01) 1st Age Group/8th overall
Evan Ellison  22:33 (pace 7:16)  2nd Age Group/12th overall
Brandi Heywood  25:08  (pace 8:06)  1st Age Group/19th overall
Herbert Stash  24:36 (pace 7:53)  3rd Age Group/15th overall
Tyrese Stash  30:22 (pace 9:48)  5th Age Group/72nd overall
Josie Wakefield 36:24 (pace 11:45)  7th Age Group/114th overall
Isaac Ellison  53:58 (pace 17:25) 8th Age Group/244th overall
Rachel Stenta  54:19  (pace 17:31)  23rd Age Group/245th overall

Cameron Wakefield  46:26  (pace 7:29) 2nd Age Group/8th overall
Gery Wakefield  49:51  (pace 8:02)  4th Age Group/25th overall
McKay Wakefield 52:27  (pace 8:28)  5th Age Group/36th overall
Emmy Heywood  52:33  (pace 8:29)  1st Age Group/38th overall
Joe Heywood  52:35  (pace 8:29)  8th Age Group/39th overall
Dan Stenta  54:23  (pace 8:46)  9th Age Group/42nd overall