Monday, March 17, 2014

Grand County Running Club Crushes Canyonlands Half Marathon & 5 Mile!

Our runners did an amazing job during the run on Saturday the 15th.  Good temperatures, but gusty winds made for a tough race, but runners did phenomanal all the same. 

Overall Race Results:

Canyonlands Half Marathon
Annie Heywood          1:55:30  (4th Age Group)  8:49 Pace

Canyonlands 5 Mile
Jacob Andrew              41:24 (9th Age Group) 8:16 Pace
Kianna Chacon            49:13 (10th Age Group)  9:50 Pace
Evan Ellison                34:57 (3rd Age Group) 6:59 Pace
Emmeline Heywood   39:12 (2nd Age Group) 7:50 Pace
Brooklin Hugentobler 47:27 (7th Age Group) 9:29 Pace
Jackson Knowles        31:00 (4th Age Group) 6:12 Pace
Jayelen Knowles         37:50 (1st Age Group) 7:34 Pace
Tyrese Stash                45:02 (15th Age Group) 9:00 Pace
Cameron Wakefield    34:20 (1st Age Group) 6:52 Pace
MacKay Wakefield     39:07 (5th Age Group) 7:48 Pace

Please make sure to note the 2013 times from the Moab Half Marathon website.  Most of our runners made tremendous gains from last year to this year.  All of the hard work is paying off!