Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Children with Hope 5k/10k

Grand County Running Club and Cross Country members made a great showing at the Children with Hope race on June 21st in Grand Junction. The Children with Hope charity exists to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, education, and economic needs of orphaned children.  This race is a fundraiser for the Children of Hope. 


Andrew Hugentobler 20:19 Overall (pace 6:32)  4th overall /3rd in age group
Evan Ellison  20:37 Overall (pace 6:38) 5th overall /1st in age group
Kianna Chacon  28:31 Overall (pace 9:10)  63rd overall/2nd in age group 
Ryan Reed 29:16 Overall (pace 9:25) 71st overall
Tyler Moreau 29:21 Overall (pace 9:26) 72nd overall
Kaylan Young 31:59 Overall (pace 10:17) 87th overall
Jackilynn Olhiser 38:56 Overall (pace 12:25) 134th overall


Tyrese Stash 59:49 Overall (pace 9:37) 56th overall/4th in age group

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